Bads and Good about Conduit 2

#1Mrs_RawrPosted 6/23/2010 3:06:27 PM
personally to me Conduit 1 was a waste -.-
I didn't get the point of playing all those Glitches and besides people have stopped playing Conduit 1.
Not only because conduit 2 was coming out but because The Conduit sucked.
It kind of got boring after a 4 weeks of playing Tcon.
Conduit 2 has all the weapons...Wait where are the Drudge guns.
Another problem, if they don't have the Drudge guns there is no point to which why i should play with them.
If anyone decides to Spam an online match with the RPGs then might as well give the game back.
I mean yeah, Co-op, New story (Duhh) you have all of that in COD x)
Let me not talk bad about the Conduit 1 & 2
It's been a good game for wii -.-
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last words: some people just open their mouths to get attention. *places gun to head*
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This isn't your blog, keep that crap to yourself.
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That hardly made any sense
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#8LigersRulePosted 6/23/2010 3:27:48 PM
Uhm, I don't think we can say Good and Bad about this game yet.... It's kinda not out yet, and we don't have much information.... So.... Come back in a few months?
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#10Tony90908Posted 6/23/2010 4:55:47 PM
The game is out already?
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