Confusing info that needs to be explained (If you can Tony)

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6 years ago#1
With E3, many info became available, and much of the info contradicts with each other.
Personally these things should be explained a little:

Maps: There seems to be many possibilities here. Last time I heard that there could be 5-7 new maps, 3-5 redesigned old maps, and 2-all ported old maps.

Weapons numbers: will some of the prototype weapons return? If not, there will be 7 or 6 new weapons?

Single Player Length: It was reported that the game would last 8 - 10 hours. This is clock time or real play time?
To compare: the conduit has somewhere around 5 - 6 hours of clock time length, but near 9 hours of real time game play (with retries included).

Melee Weapons: Some sites claim that there are melee weapons (the wrench that is used in the cutscene)

And last, approximate release time (fall/winter/2011)

If there are more contradicting info please post it.

Oh, and Tony, I appreciate how you come to refute rumors and incorrect info. That is VERY helpful to us.
6 years ago#2

Fall of 2010 not 2011. This is not The Grinder. LOL

6 years ago#3
Fall 2010
Or Winter 2010
Or Early 2011

Thats what I meant
6 years ago#4
Maps: 5-7 new. Still working out details of old.

Weapons numbers: 5ish all new. All old ones coming back with tweaks and most with new alt modes

Single Player Length: About same as C1

Melee Weapons: No MW+ specific or FULL melee weapons.

Release: Winter. (Chicago has LONG winters)

6 years ago#5
Wow, that was quick!
Thank a lot Tony.
6 years ago#6
Thanks, Tony.

I am certainly hoping for as many maps as possible, and I hope you can pass that on to the decision makers (though if the maps have some varying elements to keep them fresh, not as many are needed). I'm afraid the game could start feeling stale before its time if we see the same thing over and over again.

Having said that, the maps I've seen look great.
6 years ago#7
Less awesome balanced maps > more quickly done maps
6 years ago#8
I agree, and with time and budget constraints I think you're making the right decision, but idealy there would be tons of awesome maps (and again, what I've seen looks excellent). I guess DLC is the answer.....

Any chance of map variables (i.e. random weather such as fog, lightning storms, bosses from the single player causing chaos in multiplayer)?
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  3. Confusing info that needs to be explained (If you can Tony)

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