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6 years ago#11
Could be that models are low poly in splitscreen to keep the framerate up.
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6 years ago#12
nice.. but we need the real, real trailer :D
6 years ago#13

RichieGamer posted...

From: naruto3336 | #008
Just Amazing. Interesting to see that they did not mention Invasion at all. I hope they add a lot of depth to that mode. :)

Image shows 3 lives and score, I think it is invasion mode.

Showing Invasion and Mentioning it are two different things. People who watch that trailer once will never understand that it was Invasion. Only people who rewatch the trailer to see the details would get that. I was talking about the fact that they did not mention that there is a co-op side to the game.

That worried me a bit because it might mean that co-op is not their focus on this game. Personally, I just hope it is a lot deeper than the Horde Mode or Firefight Mode. There should be "wow" moments in each scenarios and something to always keep you engaged. I can't wait to find more about Invasion Mode.

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