what will happen after the conduit series?

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6 years ago#1
Will HVS continue to make great FPS's just with a different plot?

for example after the Conduit series is over (maybe 3 Tcon games?) will they make a new FPS where you play as a secret agent? or as a military soldier? or games that seem kinda random like the grinder?

Conduit doesn't seem like the kinda of game that could go on forever like 007 or COD, but I don't want to see HVS leave the wii behind them, they make such good FPS games.
6 years ago#2
Odds are, the Wii will be long dead by the time the Conduit series is over. Even if it is a third installment that finishes it.

I'd say they'll probably just make whatever game tickles their fancy, FPS or otherwise. They might even make an FPS based on ideas we've all had for the Conduit series that just didn't fit or make it in.
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6 years ago#3
i'm willing to go out a limb and say the conduit series isnt done...just starting...


the next one won't come out till Wii2 or Wii Next or Wii 360....whatever they call it...not because of graphics (which would be nice)...but becuase improved hardware, online service, and down load content will be allowed (hopefully).
6 years ago#4
The Wii Hi-Fi is a fake...
6 years ago#5
Maybe after Adams dies, there are more higher up's... It's a thought. O_O
6 years ago#6
i was just speaking about the next console in general....
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