I hope you can jump less

#1Killeryoshi8Posted 6/27/2010 8:14:49 AM
or just any kind of nerf for the jumping. I hate bunnyhopping, and while it isn't that effective in this game, I still don't want to see it in this game :)
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#2Mormon006Posted 6/27/2010 8:51:06 AM
I think there is a perk that allows you to jump more often... I think they are making the jumps like that of CoD... first jump is high, then the rest are stupid little hops.
#3CHAINMAILLEKIDPosted 6/27/2010 8:55:22 AM
"I think they are making the jumps like that of CoD"

Is THAT where all these complaint of jumping are coming from? Because people are used to COD?

#4Kirby_Pwns_AllPosted 6/27/2010 9:11:55 AM
I think the perk makes you jump higher, not more often. I hate bunnyhopping too, but if they make the time in between jumps longer, then I don't think they'd have to make a CoD system.
#57Nobody5Posted 6/27/2010 9:39:59 AM
i completely agree with CHAINMAILLEKID. I play COD:MW:Reflex a lot and it has its major flaws. Those flaws make the game hated and i dont want Conduit to have those flaws. FPS games really should have their diversity and people should stop comparing games and instead, start from new ideas.
#6UltimateFlame13Posted 6/27/2010 9:40:51 AM


I concur
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#7MC_Brian1Posted 6/27/2010 11:17:43 AM
I agree, I was a fan of bunny hopping for some reason. Maybe it's just me.
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#8psychobrewPosted 6/27/2010 12:35:07 PM
I hope you can double jump.
#9elheberPosted 6/27/2010 7:07:15 PM
Double-jumping would be WAY better. Heck, anything's better than TCon style bunnyhopping.
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#10DarkZV2BetaPosted 6/27/2010 7:11:23 PM
I hope you can wall-double-dodge-bunny-hop. Backwards.
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