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6 years ago#1
Who here thinks Prometheus should get an awsome new drudge body to fight alongside you.

And that Mr. Ford should get a lady friend ;)
6 years ago#2

From: 7Nobody5 | #001
And that Mr. Ford should get a lady friend ;)

Prometheus doesn't have to be a man ;)
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6 years ago#3
@SmallerRidley's comment: HAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA!!!! thats sooo disgusting, sick and twisted...but i love the idea.
6 years ago#4
Interesting idea...but HVS has already confirmed no allies except NPCs you can talk to. It would be nice to see Sorbo (if he's Prometheus in the next one) actually go Herc on some people in a Scarab body, smashing the lower drones into walls and stuff. Better yet...give him an Invader body : P. As for Ford getting a lady friend, it would complete the Secret Agent Gone Rogue archetype he upholds...though she might only appear in cut scenes, as if she were known about, Adams would have her targeted. All that said, interesting concept.
6 years ago#5
^ no allies except Prometheus you mean?
6 years ago#6
No allies as in no AI gun toting character that fought alongside you. Like Sgt. Johnson in Halo or someone else from another game. Prometheus has been just a guiding voice with no physical interaction in the world other than events flowing around you. Now he's in the ASE, so he's actually a "useful" character. He is your ally in that he aids you through advice. It would be nice to see AI allies to give you fire support, but I don't think HVS is going to do that.
6 years ago#7
hmmm...if i prefer to be solo because if i get an AI partner, they might end up getting in the way...or i may just shoot them by "accident".
6 years ago#8
But in this your ally would be Prometheus...hopefully voiced by Sorbo, thus giving his scarab godly powers of Hercules and allowing him to eat your friendly fire bullets like Doritos, and then maybe pop an orange soda afterwords. But yes I agree, they do tend to get in the way.
6 years ago#9
if you paid attention to the story you'd know that....

Drudge = Clones of Prometheus
Prometheus = a Annunaki captured by the Trust

His new body is already the ASE. but if hes gonna walkin' around type of body, it'll probably be some awesome atlantian robot thing.
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6 years ago#10
Ms. Chevy should be put into this game then.
TKO Tony
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