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6 years ago#1
The one thing I dislike about the hardcore mode concept is that...
It seems kinda silly to have a whole set of duplicate gameplay modes JUST to get rid of of lock on.
It really seems like a waste.

Would you guys be open the the idea of a 'competition mode' where extra steps are taken to make the game run smoother. Like maybe reduced weapon effects ( assuming they make a difference online, which they may not ) or maybe not having voice chat in game, but only in lobbies.

And maybe altering some of the other game aspects, like radar, or respawn time, etc.

I'm really just throwing out anything I can think of.

Because, really, I think this is going to be the only way to validate a 'hardcore mode' for online.
6 years ago#2
Ya know, the only issue with hardcore mode will be the lack of oponents... Though thats a large enough issue for me to say I'd rather just have FC mode and normal -_-

Finding oponents if the community is split (with the majority of course playing normal) will be a NIGHTMARE.

So I agree with you in a way.
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6 years ago#3
6 years ago#4
This isn't a lock on topic -_-'

That's not exactly what I'm getting at. I don't think it would have a huge impact on matchmaking.
I'm saying... I think a hardcore mode should be more full featured then just removing aim assist.
6 years ago#5
If there's a competition mode it should definitely get rid of lock on\ Any other changes like no radar should be completely optional to have off or on. Like say you want to play with less ammo given to players...go into competition and set it up. If you want to play where body shots do less damage but head shots are just as effective...go into competition and turn this setting on. I think you see where this is going.
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6 years ago#6
Hardcore mode being exactly like regular mode with the exception of lock-on, frankly, is all I need to choose hardcore mode. Yeah, it'd be cool if there were small "hardcore" changes like a reduced effectiveness of radar, but those aren't all that necessary for me. Hardcore mode already had me at "hello, no lock-on".
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6 years ago#7
hmm...the mention of lock-on...the mentions of aim assists...NOOOOO this COULDN'T be a lock-on topic at aaaalll could it...riiiiight...go to my thread and have this convo. I did say ANYTHING lock-on related...and i did say CHANGE OF SUBJECT ALLOWED...sheesh.
6 years ago#8
I'm talking public matches online.
Isn't that what hardcore mode is supposed to be?

If its local play, or private matches, you can give people all the options you want, you don't even need a hardcore mode. Just options and settings which should be pretty standard.

But in public matches, if you want to play w/o lock on, thats where you'd need the hardcore mode.
6 years ago#9
Give it up Fig. If I want to make a thread related to Lock-On about a subject I think doesn't have a dedicated thread on, I'll make it.

I'll go to this thread to talk about Hardcore mode even if it discusses Lock-On, and then I'll go to a Lock-On Alternatives thread to talk about possible alternatives to Lock-On even if there's 20 other threads related to Lock-On that have a few posts each about alternatives to Lock-On.

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I type random stuff in this line if I have something extra to say.
6 years ago#10
Normal mode, and competitive mode.

You start up TehC2, and you go online. You select Worldwide. Then there's two options. Competitive and Normal. From there, there are the exact same playlists, but the difference is that Competitive has Strike Rifle and USP starts, no radar, no lock on.

Another idea is that since it's going to have a more CoD-esque matchmaking, it'll be like, sometimes instead of CTase it'll say Competitive CTase, which is the same thing but without radar or lock on, and everyone has Strike Rifle and USP starts. Sort of like what is done in Halo with Team BRs or just typical Team Slayer.

Actually, I think my second suggestion is best.
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