I hope there's a scorring mode in single player

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6 years ago#1

In scorring mode, you get so many points for each kill. Tought enemies are worth more points. The begining top 10 scores that get shipped with the gamewill be the best top ten scores that HVSTony and the rest of HVS can muster, and we get to see if we can beat their scores.

6 years ago#2
i hate pointless Arcade modes... unless they're the only way to unlock cheats.
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6 years ago#3
Sometimes, mindless shooting is fun when you don't want to get very involved. Plus, I want the challenge to see if I can get a better score than HVS can. I think it would be a blast.
6 years ago#4
Hence, "horde" mode exists.
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6 years ago#5
Is hoarde mode available for a single player? If so, then yes, that's what I'm looking for (along with the top ten scores from HVS, including the names of the employees who got the scores).
6 years ago#6
hah. I want some top 3 fastest runthroughs of the stages, too. Or at least a few par times to beat.

But, yeah, invasion will be your arcade mode.
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6 years ago#7
Beating HVS scores should give you unlockables (cheats, skins, etc.).
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  3. I hope there's a scorring mode in single player

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