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#1FarMaster2008Posted 6/29/2010 1:04:24 PM
isnt as active as last year's Tcon1. just saying. probably cuz so many peeps were dissapointed with Tcon 1. I thought the game was okay for a while but sold it for $30. Is that why the boards arent as popular, are they afraid of being dissapointed in Con2.
#2CHAINMAILLEKIDPosted 6/29/2010 1:13:58 PM
That, and with Con1 HVS did a lot to hype it up in order to get a publisher, and that was of course emulated by the fans.

Con2 is pretty low key compared to Tcon.
#3FarMaster2008(Topic Creator)Posted 6/29/2010 1:16:41 PM
Well the game is looking like a sci fi version of CoD with the ADS mode and sprint( which i dont mind but embrace) maybe it will get more praise
#4UltimateFlame13Posted 6/29/2010 1:23:30 PM
Yeah thats true it isn't as active. Most of the cool people from the old board are here though so it all works out. We just have less random topics asking questions about the game.
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#5FarMaster2008(Topic Creator)Posted 6/29/2010 6:28:56 PM
Yes I am one of the cool people and i'm back so i will do my best to keep it lively