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6 years ago#1

Some people dnt want vehicles in tcon 2 honestly i think it wuld b good. BUT they shouldnt have turrets ur stuff like that on them. I would want them to b like a mongoose so only the person on the back can shoot also i think a flying vehicle would be nice like a banshee only two person one pilot n one turret. This would make it so you would have to use teamwork. Also instead of makin a complete new topic i want to have melee weapons or like a throwing knife

6 years ago#2
i don't like vehicles, never have, probably never will. but i could see them on big open maps just not on all of them. and i like the idea of no turrets just stuff to ride around in. but if some one is coming from behind there better be some kind of warning.
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6 years ago#3

True just on open maps n i wuld b used more for transport but some fighting like raidin buildin like with the streets as small as it is if somethin like that only bigger it wuld b nice haveing a mongosse like vehicle there or banshee and drop down on balcanys

6 years ago#4
The only reason I like vehicles is because they promote teamwork(Most of them.)
If they can incorporate something else that would also promote teamwork(like a defendable fortress) I would be just as happy.
6 years ago#5
I don't think Conduit 2 will have very big maps. It's only 12 players...
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6 years ago#6
"I don't think Conduit 2 will have very big maps. It's only 12 players..."

I agree, vehicles in this game would be completely pointless.
6 years ago#7
The maps are too cramped or have too much terrain to have useful vehicles.
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6 years ago#8
Vehicle would have to be... Pretty dang mobile to get around the maps.

I'd think instead of vehicles, it would be easier to fall back on power ups ( I mean, that's all a vehicle really is anyway ) That is, If they wanted that sort of mechanic in the game.
The advantage of that is mostly going to be that they are pretty much already fully compatible with any and every playable map.

But at the same time... Is there really a point to that with a perk system?
6 years ago#9
Instead of fully rideable vehicles, we can have a sort of train the moves you from one place to another.
(For example, a lift that takes you to the top of a snowy mountain, and lets you slide down to the bottom.)
6 years ago#10
Passive vehicles?

I LOVE that idea!
That's so Cool!
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