Vehicles thoughts and ideas

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I guess you have a point but like have one huge map and that one has vehicles and all im just sayin it would make team objective more interesting and i really want a knife throwing or melee and also a plasma grenade of some sort

#12Cross_of_SnowPosted 7/1/2010 5:06:50 PM
I doubt vehicles will work out but if they do, here are some of my ideas:

If we get another stage like Pentagon then I can imagine a flying vehicle to get from one side to the other. Maybe there might be a rooftop like stage with jump pads and flying vehicles?

For a snow level there could be a monorail that circles the entire stage that you can stand on top of and enter, but not drive. A perfect base for snipers.

A forest level could have a tank that has a shredder on the front but moves REALLY slow.

And when we finally reach the drudge home world (if we do in this game) There could be very weird adaptations of the standard buggy, tank, and flying machine that are in most FPS's like a four legged spider tank that can climb walls or a buggy that can drill under ground for a short period of time.
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Yea those r some good ideas i never thought of so it 50/50 on vehicles bout it would b a nice touch