So, uh, can someone give me a small review on the new weapons please?

#1ocarinaoftasiPosted 7/1/2010 4:45:20 PM
There's a heat-seeking sniper rifle, gravity gun and that assault-rifle thing. Does anyone have info on them?
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#2Metal_In_FlamesPosted 7/1/2010 4:53:17 PM
heat-seeking sniper rifle
No, it can shoot though walls though.

gravity gun
It's not like the gravity gun in HL, it's more like the one appearing in Sector 9 (movie). They shoot something at you and you 'catch' it and can throw it back.
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#3ocarinaoftasi(Topic Creator)Posted 7/1/2010 4:54:13 PM
I know it can shoot through walls, I heard it has to get a heat signal first. Maybe not

That I've seen in action, it looks very trollish and epic..
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#4ddd87Posted 7/1/2010 5:16:19 PM
Deployable Turret:
Can be set to fire automatically or manually. With a specific perk, it can fire in a more ample angle.

Phase Rifle:
Very slow walking speed, very slow loading, very slow reloading, it has a huge reticule, it can one shot kill.
When using the scope, you can seek enemy's thermal signals. Tune up the weapon by rotating the wiiremote to find a target and shoot trough walls.

AR-C Eclipse:
A semiautomatic assault rifle, it has unlimited ammo, if you shoot the gun constantly it heats up becoming more powerful, but eventually it will overheat becoming unusable for a moment.
Its secondary feature its a cloak by holding down the b button. Cloaking for too long will freeze the gun.

Thats everything so far.
#5_Kidlat_Posted 7/1/2010 5:22:34 PM
Remember they said 5ish new weapons? Well if you add the Aegis Device and the new Trust Pistol, that's 5 new weapons already. Hopefully there will be at least a few more.
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#6ddd87Posted 7/1/2010 5:22:49 PM
Oh yeah, forgot the other one....

Aegis Device (Vortex Cannon):
There isn't much info on this one, its an ordinary semiautomatic gun, but charging its shot can be used to collect bullets rockets and grenades and them back, every time i collects something it will drains its power (ammo?). No word on how large the shield is and if it can protect from behind.
#7Tony90908Posted 7/1/2010 5:30:31 PM
Some of these new guns go pew pew.
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#8RisenTerranPosted 7/1/2010 5:59:50 PM
Is the Phase Rifle Restricted to one wall I hope? That could be annoying as **** -_-
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#9ocarinaoftasi(Topic Creator)Posted 7/1/2010 7:21:24 PM

From: RisenTerran | Posted: 7/1/2010 5:59:50 PM | #008
Is the Phase Rifle Restricted to one wall I hope? That could be annoying as **** -_-

Ohh, this. <_<
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#10elheberPosted 7/1/2010 7:28:01 PM
It might be cool to use the Phase Rifle to see through walls even if you don't plan to kill anyone with it. This and the Eclipse's invisibility, and I'd feel like Solid Snake.
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