So, uh, can someone give me a small review on the new weapons please?

#11UltimateFlame13Posted 7/1/2010 7:39:11 PM

From: ocarinaoftasi | #003
I know it can shoot through walls, I heard it has to get a heat signal first. Maybe not

It does. You'll aim at a wall someone you know is behind, wait a second for it to lock on to their heat signature, and then they become visible for you to fire at. It's an extremely slow gun to fire and reload so it doesn't seem as annoying as it originally sounds. You also have to have a pretty good idea of where people are on the map.

From: ddd87 | #004
With a specific perk, it can fire in a more ample angle.

Where'd you hear that? :\ That one guy who played the game at e3 said the perk for the turret makes it auto-fire without you pulling the trigger. It also has the ability to fire all around it when you are controlling it. It's only restricted if you're holding down the trigger to make it auto aim.
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