something about 2012 that im not sure if you guys noticed(or was said before)

#1ZBug_Posted 7/3/2010 5:22:39 AM
*Kinda spoilers I think* spoilers of myths or something

After some google searches:
I was reading about the Nibiru (which is mentioned in the game) and I read that it was supposed to take place in the late 1500s B.C. So like between 1550 BC - 1600 BC. And that it would come back after 3,600 earth cycles around the sun. So that would mean it's supposed to come back in early 21st century, like, say, maybe, December of 2012?

Not sure if anyone else saw this.
I read the cryptopedia thing but I dont think it mentioned this.

And of course this is all backstory to the game The Conduit, so I'm staying on-topic.
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#2_Sketch_Posted 7/3/2010 6:04:41 AM
Get that garbage out of gamefaqs.
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#3DarkZV2BetaPosted 7/3/2010 6:15:24 AM
What, exactly, is wrong with this topic?
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I'm sure Sketch was bein sarcastic. If he wasn't, he needs to get his garbage off GameFAQs, but that's purely hypothetical at this point.
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#5coolman229Posted 7/3/2010 11:47:03 AM
Wasn't the message that mentioned Nibiru like

"Weep for the long lost Nibiru!"

So did the Annunaki lose it? Was it destroyed? I think that I came across something on the internet that said that it was destroyed.
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#6KratosDKPosted 7/3/2010 12:20:45 PM
The annunaki coming back with there planet is one of the MANY 2012 theories.