TCon Machinima, only there's a catch....

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6 years ago#1

It's in Spanish! For all you Spanish speakers (Richie) you'll be able to understand this, but I have no idea if it's good or bad. Me no habla espanol ^.^'
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6 years ago#2
Hmm let me see it and I'll tell you if it's good.
6 years ago#3
Ok so I saw both of the videos, and it's decent, it has its moments and the guys are very coordinated.

The story isn't too good, 2 guys have to deliver a pizza and the guy doesn't want to pay, a cop appears and the guy shoots at the cop.
Then he escapes and tries to kill people. Then the pizza guys take the cop to the hospital and some weird guy asks them if they want to join some strange group.
6 years ago#4
I'll watch it, I'm interested.
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6 years ago#5

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Expect random scat singing.
6 years ago#6
Oh, i just remembered Nemo. :/
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