Classic Controller or Gamecube Controller Support?

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6 years ago#1
Is there any word on Support for the Classic or Gamecube Controller?
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6 years ago#2
I want both, I know there are members of hvs that are against it, but it can help a lot in sales
6 years ago#3
it is already confirmed that only the wiimote with motion+ will be used. the gamecube and classic controllers will NOT be used. sorry for those of you who wanted that.
6 years ago#4
Jesus christ, go get a ****ing 360 for heavens sake.
The whole reason to buy the ****ing Wii was the damn motion controls!
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6 years ago#5
although i would NEVER use a dual analog controller when i have the option of using a wiimote in a fps, it would be a nice inclusion for the people that just want to use a traditional control pad (why anybody would want to is beyond me, but whatever).
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6 years ago#6
^ cause people (like my real life friends) are to lazy to make an effort to simply move their wrists a little.
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6 years ago#7
Im sure that if there is enough demand, it will happen.
And some of the best multiplayer experiences on the wii uses multiple control options. Also, there are much more dual analog fans than wii remote aiming.
6 years ago#8
Wii game. There are plenty of games on plenty of other consoles that have great FPS's with dual analogue. We have an awesome amazing control scheme with every aspect of game play tailored to that specific controller.

6 years ago#9
Guess I will not bring anyone to play split-screen with me...

Last time a friend of mine almost died against Parasite Queen if I hadn't took the controls....
6 years ago#10
Well it can just be an alternative, it would be nice if the game could cater to different tastes, especially now that you can play with a friend in a split screen mode.
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