Anyone use melee as a cancel?

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User Info: ryudo_dragoon

6 years ago#11
Oh look at the huge amounts of skill required to hit three buttons in order with a result more devastating than the SMAW and rivaling the cheapness of weapon mixing without the difficulty. >_>
"I have absolutely no idea how to even remotely respond to this thread.
Congrats on making my brain explode." - HVS Tony

User Info: tconslayer

6 years ago#12

also here is a new stratagy for at least for tcon one this is load up on frags and grab your shotgun then when you see a large group of people throw grenade shoot grenade shoot repeat its great for taking out large groups of enemies especially when in other teams base

User Info: Simok123

6 years ago#13
I know about it but never use it in combat.
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  3. Anyone use melee as a cancel?

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