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6 years ago#1

Hey everyone about a month after this game comes out were makin a machinima. Its a noob camp us training noobs to use skillz its pretty good look for us on youtube. Tell me any ideas you have or opinions.

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6 years ago#2
Can anyone make a somewhat serious machinima like Red versus Blue? Granted they are funny, but lately they have this serious edge to them of a really dangerous or mysterious story element. I can't script, but I know some Conduit fan out there can, and it would be nice to see something worthwhile as a mechinma, something that will be recognized by HVS like Rooster Teeth is recognized by Bungie. Something to make the Conduit grow in name.
6 years ago#3
I had the idea for two machinmas:

one is focused around a group of rebel fighters who are trying to survive. They're fighting an agency that they broke off from. I thought it'd be cool to have flashbacks that take place in TCon multiplayer. Inspired by Streets, and sorta based on Prometheus' rebellion.

The other is more humorous. It starts out in Bunker, with two agents watching the screens in the base. I'd like to have something like
"Why do we always have to hold our guns?"
"It's regulation"
"Screw regulation! Regulation is why we're stuck here watching the Matrix 24/7. AND NO BREAKS!"
"Alright guys, time for your lunch break"
It's more like RvB, and There could definitely be some cool locations for Con2. Inspired by Bunker and RvB.

Just a couple ideas I came up with playing TCon multiplayer. Oh yeah. There's a ninja that uses the AC-R Eclipse.
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6 years ago#4
That's what I was thinking too. Keep a funny but serious machinima. I really like how Red vs Blue has a little bit for everybody these days. It's something worthwhile in a machinima.
6 years ago#5

That is goin to be one of our three machinimas we are going to have noob camp, the ultamate tcon2 adventure or somethin, then after we have experience were makin a red vs blue

6 years ago#6

Also its funny we teach noobs what tbagging is and all and it is serious but the seriousness has humor mixed in

6 years ago#7
Do y'all remember that suit upgrade that someone came up with that would make your suit explode if someone teabags you? That could make for a funny moment. "Haha noob" *BOOM*
We're glad we won you over to the fight for the earth.
Currently playing: Cave Story, Majora's Mask (VC), Brawl (still), Mega Man 9, Okami
6 years ago#8
Red vs Blue has a really epic and cool story told in a funny way. You should make your machinama like that. Just don't make it like "Zero". If you don't know what Zero is, it's a Halo 2 machinama that is a complete rip-off of RvB. It starts in Blood Gulch, it's about a war between Red and Blue armies, it takes most of it's jokes from RvB, and the majority of it's characters are blatant rip-offs of characters from Red vs Blue. Also, they record it by holding a very shaky camcorder in front of a TV. Just keep your machinima original is what I'm saying. Also, I would be glad to help if you're ever in need of more people.
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6 years ago#9
lol im the 2nd creator ^^
6 years ago#10

I actually had a short war story planned out once (might be able to pull it off if i got the time and resources). The plot would have been about 2 soldiers trying to make it to their extraction point in DC after their squad gets wiped out soon after they rapel into the city from their chopper. It would be kinda like hl2: escape from city 17.

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