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6 years ago#11
whats doas coins
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6 years ago#12
Daos is the currency Atlantis uses, yet every enemy has some.
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6 years ago#13
I wonder what the Daos will look like. Probaly gold or silver coins with the ASE on it. Or Tony's face. XD
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6 years ago#14
A bottlecap with a rounded ASE on it.
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
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6 years ago#15

Daos is doritos and orange soda the official meal of tcon2

6 years ago#16

lol, I don't thing HVS has officially approved DaOS yet, though. Have they?

6 years ago#17
At the very least there will be a reference to it, according to Josh Olson in a recent podcast.
6 years ago#18
"Wesa going to be FAMOUS!!" - Jar-Jar Binks
Con1 FC: 3051-8132-7693 = MKMaster

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