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6 years ago#21
You don't have to sit directly in front of the TV.

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6 years ago#22
I don't see how you would play at your best if you're playing off the side of the the tv....

Most people I know play any video game in front of a tv. -.-
6 years ago#23
If that's the case then wouldn't they need to squish next to each other regardless of what controller they're using?
6 years ago#24
When I play with my bro, none of us is sitting in front of the tv, there is a table between us and each of us is at each side of the tv aiming at an angle, AND IT WORKS PERFECTLY. For a 4 player match I just remove the table and there is space for everyone.
6 years ago#25

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6 years ago#26
We'll see how it is when it comes out.
6 years ago#27
It sounds like you people think there's a difference between CCPro and regular CC...
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6 years ago#28
No one in this topic has said anything like that. Did you mean to post that on a different topic? This one is only about whether there are other controller options.
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