Will there be a conduit 3

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Is the story going to end kinda like tcon1 leading off for a sequal? i think that it would b cool and all because the third one should b better than the second one and the second one looks awesome and all what do you think tony?

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i think it would be best to wait for Conduit 2 to be release and ask after some time has pass.
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I would answer this but I'm not in the mood to time travel right now. Maybe later :\
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ik but just wondering and all

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Well, you're wondering about a question that presently has no answer. Whether or not a Conduit 3 gets made is far more determined by the sales of Conduit 2 moreso than any storyline cliffhangers, anyway. Assuming the game comes out this year, it won't even be until January or February before it's even determined whether C2 is a 'success' to Sega or not.
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I dont want it to be left open again be have "room for more"