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6 years ago#1
We all know how important the party system is, heck thats the sole reason we play COD to this day.

Everyone leave messages saying how the party system is so so important, and how you probably wont carry on playing if your restricted to playing in public on your own.

Ok, so everyone email hvs about the party system for C2!

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6 years ago#2
Party System -

Invite friends to a match
Only allow certain friends into your private match if you want

Like COD's
6 years ago#3
never played COD but yea that sounds important. any if ppl want to join, you have to accept a request.
6 years ago#4
Meh, it seems important, but it doesn't feel like a gamebreaking change.
6 years ago#5
I fully expect Conduit 2 to have a solid party system of some kind.
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6 years ago#6
I'd rather have friends on my team than on the other team so it kinda is important
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6 years ago#7
Yeah... all online games should have some sorta party system. i really enjoyed utilising it while playing MW with my buddies. Hopefully this game supports some sorta party system. but i doubt it...

Xbox Live has a way to send messages, send party invitations, and look to see whose online while being inside a party. i doubt anything online on the Wii will get that innovated, or awesome. ffs, we still cant talk to randoms....

but, i'd be happy with any sorta party system in Conduit 2. Push it to the limit HVS!!!
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6 years ago#8
I also want a messaging system for Friends/Rivals
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6 years ago#9
it may become possible if you guys email hvs about it
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6 years ago#10
"I fully expect Conduit 2 to have a solid party system of some kind."
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