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6 years ago#1
What do you guys think will be the most and least improved aspects of the game based on what we've seen so far? I personally think the single-player is going to be wayyy better this time around. I mean the oil derrick level alone looks funner and more engaging than any level in the original. I think the game's controls will see the least improvement because they were one of the things the first game did very well, so not much improvement is needed aside from other factors that affect controls like frame-rate and lag.

NOTE: Your answers don't have to be as broad as something like single-player. It could also be something like enemy designs, connection times, community interaction ,weapon balance etc.
6 years ago#2
well i do think balance was a huge issue in the first game and we do know that will be much we don't exactly know...but with patches it could be infinite...if the patches work the way they're supposed to.

another thing could be difficulty. granted the first game was pretty tough on the higher levels but you only had so much you could do, only so many strategies since the levels were very..."hallway" like.

with the AI amped up the difficulty could change drastically just on normal settings, and with areas opened up it can lead to more choices in your strategy every time you die....especially if the AI changes every round.

the problem we run into with smart AI is the continual "smartness." say your first run through you get killed because there was a shotgunner that popped out of nowhere, well the next go round your ready for it so you grab your shotgun or you peep slowly and unexpectedly kill him first. easy right? well what if instead the next time you go, there isn't a shotgunner but maybe a sniper that you don't see that kills you. see that's the difference between smart AI and random AI.
if you can combine the two the difficulty can change in a heartbeat so that you're never forced to do the same thing twice. now this has its downfall as well, because random only helps so much as the player will just get so annoyed with dying that they're just not having fun any more and then take the game back.

just realized i probably talked too much about this when it doesn't matter...freaking wine...

anyways...changes in difficulty...yea

the end
6 years ago#3
"there isn't a shotgunner but maybe a sniper that you don't see that kills you."

Honestly, that sounds great. I see no downfalls. It takes away repetitiveness, keeps you on your toes, and like, makes you need to expect the worst, plan and stuff. All good.
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6 years ago#4
thank you...makes me feel smart when i'm buzzed
6 years ago#5
^ I'm actually glad you gave a long answer because i hadn't thought about how the difficulty could affect the improved A.I. I guess we'll have to wait to see how this all comes together when the game ships.
6 years ago#6
i'm honestly not gonna hope for much of my buzzed ambitions to follow thru in a game such as this...but wouldn't it be refreshing to see something like that in a FPS...honestly if your gonna say "we improved the AI" improve the AI don't give us the same thing twice
6 years ago#7
i hadn't thought about how the difficulty could affect the improved A.I.

sorry for double post...but its more like the improved AI could change the difficulty
6 years ago#8
^ yeah that
6 years ago#9
Yeah balance is the hardest to achieve for competitive games and multiple play styles.
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6 years ago#10
balance is something every competitive game has hard time achieving but it can be done, the problem we run into with games with perks (such as COD) is balance as only the best players (or players that have played the longest) can achieve, and that's where every thing gets...messy.

i'm fine with perks don't get me wrong...if done correctly they can make the game a blast to play. but when you do armor perks, weapon perks, etc etc, that's messy. i say make one perk and then have your basic weapons to start.

a game feels "classic" because everyone starts out the same and has the same chances in the beginning if they can survive long enough to get the better weapons or if they can some how show more skill by killing more with the basic weapons. have an armor perk but make them balanced to where neither is better than the other.

in an online FPS it may say its setting you up with players around the same skill but if it can't find the amount of players needed they will set you up with higher levels if needed...with perks that screws everything up because higher levels have better perks/weapons...balance is no longer balance when everyone starts with different and better weapons
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