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6 years ago#1

Just wonderin wat people think the story will b like and all i hope we get to meat adams mabey like fight one on one or the drudge dude he was talkin too at the end of tcon 1

6 years ago#2
6 years ago#3
I think it will rock.
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6 years ago#4
I would love to see stonehenge...and a British NPC that uses it as a conduit in order to join you in Atlantis.

>_>...for some reason I just imagined John Cleese passing through the portal...hmmm.
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6 years ago#5
i read in a gameinformer that john cleese was supposed to voice someone in a game...but for the life of me can't remember what game that was
6 years ago#6
sorry for double post but just remembered it was fable III
6 years ago#7
Ford discovers the Trust has been attempting to make alien-human hybrid super-soldiers stock shell bodies. Humans just transfer their consciousness into them and turn into super awesome killing alienborgs (actual scientific term). Ford kills Adams who is piloting a 5-story-tall deathbot. Then Ford and Prometheus arrive to an alien-human hybrid facility and manage to get a body for Prometheus. Prometheus then reveals himself to be the actual bad guy who's been manipulating Ford all along and insults him by saying something about his mother. Turns out Adams was right in trying to contain Prometheus, the universe's most violent criminal mastermind. Then it's a battle to the death between Ford and Prometheus atop a flying alien spaceship with lasers blasting all over. PEW PEW!

If you kill Prometheus, you get the good ending where Ford teabags him as Prometheus fades into the afterlife with a nutsack as his last living memory. Otherwise you get the bad ending where you get a Game Over screen and all saved progress is deleted so you start from the beginning.

Also, Daos is in there somewhere.
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6 years ago#8

well they all sound cool but idk bout the promithious thing but hey it sounds cool im just wonderin if like it will end sorta like conduit 1 and leave an opening for a trilogy n all which would b great

6 years ago#9

I kinda want that to happen now
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6 years ago#10
the boss battle shud be with Adams alien self.
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