Mode ideas Tony?

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I still kinda want to know wat modes there r. Also post ur ideas of 2 modes you would like and explain what it is, and two modes you dnt want

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And sry if this can get tony fired idk if he can for tellin us this

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They probably can't reveal anything because at this point they might be trying to get them working well.

Also I still want a tourney mode and a round match mode.
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Point control (which they may already have) and Tag/Juggernaut.
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dude i told you, they cant just hand out every single thing about the game at once! the game is being made. its not like its all done and theyre readdy to anwser!
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Even if he could tell us, which he can't, then he wouldn't. Tony is a character animator, not a PR guy. If anybody says "But he told us the Lock-on thing", well, it was actually revealed in the SEGA addicts podcast just before. He can't tell us anything that isn't already out there.
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K sry diddnt know i thought he could reveal more things and all

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