Tony do you think there will b a cliffhanger ending and a conduit 3

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6 years ago#1

Im just wonderin i know your in the art department but have u heared talk about a conduit 3 possibly if so wat are some changes you want to see

6 years ago#2
Imagine if Tony actually comes in says yes...
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6 years ago#3
Conduit 3 will all depend on the sales of this game. If this game sells like crap, it's over.

The first game didn't sell that well, but considering the things it did do right, there was potential and with the lack of FPSs on the Wii at the time, it was worth the risk.

With the competition much improved and two chances (C1 and C2) already given, if this game sells like crap, it's over for the franchise.
6 years ago#4
You know that HVS considers the sales from the first game quite well? They were a small indie dev doing a new IP for a console that doesn't have much of a market for that type of game. Were you expecting millions? They weren't.
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6 years ago#5
No, not millions and that's great HVS was satisfied, but SEGA, you know the ones who have final say on everything?

Yeah, them, they aren't going to keep funding a franchise that hasn't sold all that well across 2 games and got blown out of the water by Call of Duty and GoldenEye in terms of sales. (this is speculative, as none of the 3 games have been released)
6 years ago#6
I'm almost certain of a cliffhanger (with a little more closure than the frist game) and Conduit 3. Sure it depends on sales, but I'm pretty sure that this is going to be a genuinely good game, and in turn, good word of mouth.

Believe it or not, word of mouth is the best motor for sales aside from expensive add campaigns. I don't think this game will have much problem finding a good following to keep the series afloat.
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6 years ago#7

Yea so wat are some new ideas of things you want that arnt in conduit 2 and want to be in conduit 3 if there is one

6 years ago#8
time to celebrate. welcome to hotel cali owned you OWNED LULZ~cunninngham
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