Will the numbers on the custom controls have the same weight?

#1SmallerRidleyPosted 7/26/2010 9:41:12 PM
Read: Can we use the numbers from TCon on our custom controls for Conduit 2?

Sub-topic: What were/will be your customized controls? Includes the sensitivity and button maps.
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#2paranoid71Posted 7/26/2010 9:47:43 PM
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#3UltimateFlame13Posted 7/26/2010 9:56:50 PM
my guess is yeah they'll probably be the same. IIRC they mentioned that they realize the controls was a part of the last game they really got right and they wouldn't be messing with that much.
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#4GrnTarsierPosted 7/27/2010 12:35:22 PM
I hope so it took me forever to perfect them. Anybody else notice the dead zone box numbers tended to change slightly when you entered and exited after changing them?
#5OhioLawyerF5Posted 7/27/2010 3:35:03 PM
oh my goodness, I'm gonna have to pop the first one in again so I can remember my setup. It took me a while to get it right. In most games I use the sensitivies all the way up and the deadzone as small as possible, but this one I had to make more adjustments than that.
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