How do you feel about the radar returning(please read Tony. Oh god i said it :o)

#11psychobrewPosted 8/2/2010 6:20:52 AM
I'm not a fan of the always on radar at all. There should be more ways to deactivate it (i.e. blow up the radar station), not less.

At least there's going to be a mode without radar, though this is a little too far on the other side of the fence. I'd prefer it if there was a temporary radar or you'd see people near you or those firing away.
#12psychobrewPosted 8/2/2010 6:23:51 AM

Aile_Wing posted...
^ When you're crouched you don't show up on radar. However, firing a weapon overrides this. I've noticed that in some matches the radar will blink when you're moving while crouched, but I think that;s some sort of error. I really don't know what causes that, but just know that crouching prevents you from appearing on radar when you are moving and not firing.

I had no idea. I hope it stays the same in Conduit 2 then.

#13LilroscoPosted 8/2/2010 3:38:33 PM
You also did not appear on the radar if you were walking very slowly as well.
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Tony? Which one?
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