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6 years ago#71
Although I am concerned about Black Ops as well I never did make a topic about it

Yeah, I was just kinda using that as a reference point. I didn't think you actually had, but I was saying I wouldn't be surprised as you did. It was basically saying that you weren't knocking the game for the sake of knocking it.
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The Conduit: Sychs
6 years ago#72
I agree with pretty much all of your points. Especially the "Best Wii FPS" one.

Saying that this game is the best Wii FPS is basically degrading it. It means Wii owners are once again going to be given a sub-par product that can't hold it's own against PS3 and XBox 360 games. I'm not asking for everything that the PS3 and XBox 360 can do, just a game that somewhat hold it's own.

We will unfortunately never get that because Nintendo is as stupid as they are when it comes to online play.
MWR Screen Name - Pur1fy - COMMENTARIES
6 years ago#73
Nintendo. if i'm gonna start any ranting related to this game and HVS... its gonna be about Nintendo. in fact...

its Nintendo's fault, not HVS's, that Conduit doesnt have talk with randoms. its Nintendo's fault that theres no dedicated servers, they dont even have their own servers! they use Gamespy's or whoever theyr called. And HVS has to work so damn hard to turn Conduit into an incredible game inside Nintendo's stupid rules and regulations!

HVS is working with a small work force, and small budget, that is expected of a third party developer. Some of their workers are even awesome enough to talk to us idiot nobodys. They're doing the impossible with the Wii's capabilities, which even Nintendo is astounded by.

And now i gear my rant towards the trollers, flamers, and overall system fanboys, who attack this game just because it REMOTELY resembles their oh so precious Halo or CoD. Maybe if they disregarded their opinions, and took their heads out of their ass', they'd appreciate and applaud that even though HVS isn't making the best game ever, they're sure as hell are creating something that shouldn't even exist on the Wii's limitations. They'd be grateful and impressed that theirs still developers out there that are passionate for their games and are always thinking about their fanbase.

THATS .... a rant. or at the least, one of my better ones.
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6 years ago#74
^sounds good to me :)
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6 years ago#75
Nade spam, no private match settings, "weapon sets", glitches, the easiest hackable Wii game, lock on, spawn glitch specifically, etc., are all problems of HVS and not Nintendo, just to throw some out there. HOWEVER, it was HVS's first attempt at this PLUS they spent a lot of the time working on the engine, which is why I have faith that they will fix everything up. The thing that worries me though is that they're adding a lot of new stuff to this game which leaves them even more room to screw up.
6 years ago#76
ts Nintendo's fault, not HVS's

HVS chose to work with Nintendo.
Honestly, I'm tired of all this "I HATEZ NINTENDOZ" "ITZ NINTENDOZ FAULTZ" etc. Just get another console , and if you want controls go play PC.
MWR Screen Name - Pur1fy - COMMENTARIES
6 years ago#77
Granted more things means more possibilitys of bad stuff, but with the hotfixes HVS promised, they'll fix any glitches or unbalanced parts of the game.

if Nintendo would get their own servers, and get rid of those damn regulations, The Conduit, along with other games would already have the ability to talk to randoms, and have good hotfixs.

imagine Brawl with hotfixs and dedicated servers..... think about it. Brawl wouldn't suck so much huh?
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
My Alias for Conduit= "Shader" Monster Hunter Tri= "Deimos"
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