Is Anyone Else Worried About This Game?

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User Info: MKMaster93

6 years ago#11

I loved the first. I didn't care about graphics, explosive weapon set, or anything. Not even glitches. (I know all the glitches on Conduit 1 kinda made the game bad, but I didn't really care. Mario 64 had alot of glitches, but it was an N64 game.) Even if there are glitches and other bad things in Conduit 2, I don't mind. All I'm looking forward to is, customizable enimies in singleplayer, in-depth character customization for multiplayer, bigger maps, new and better weapons, more modes, better campaign, and the positive side. I just ignore the negative side and enjoy what we have to look to.
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User Info: Icuras08

6 years ago#12
I would of like the explosive set, but it is played so much. I don't get any time with my favorite shrieker/carbonizer.
That's why Conduit 2 is a double bonus.
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