Conduit 2 needs to support classic controller too

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6 years ago#41
^ Goldeneye :)
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6 years ago#42
^ Exactly.
6 years ago#43

From: Brownprouder23 | #040

Okay, I said I didn't want to argue anymore. I wish to be left alone, but when you say something stupid like "You are probably the closed minded one because you trained yourself on the dual analog before you even touched the Wii." that quite frankly gets me mad. First of all, that's not true. I never "trained" myself on the dual analog. Before the Wii (try to imagine this), there were other shooters on the previous consoles. On the gamecube, I played a lot of medal of honor. I know that may come as a surprise to you, but yes that game had a dual analog control scheme.

Also, I've played plenty of Wii before I even owned an xbox 360. I played waw and Conduit mostly. I reached the top levels for both games (tenth prestige and level 24 respectively). Don't go and say I didn't play the Wii. My opinion isn't biased if that's what your insinuating because I played plenty of Wii before I even touched the xbox 360. However, the Wii got boring after waw and Conduit for shooters, so I bought an xbox 360 to get waw on that console. It was much better than the wii's version because it had a faster framerate, more maps, zombies, a lot more gametypes, and dlc maps.

Enough about that though, my point from the very beginning was that there is no superior control scheme that has been proven yet, excluding the PC's controls. I heard the PC's controls were better, but I don't know much about that since I don't have a fancy computer to play those kind of games. The only way to determine if the Wiimote is superior to dual analog is by having the two control schemes in the same game and compared.

Sorry for the long post.

why would a gamecube game surprise me by being dual analog? Plus, the wii was probably the last of the current gen consoles (i think even the handhelds) to have an fps, so thats no surprise to me either. and i never siad you had to play a shooter on the 360, i just said you probably played dual analog shooters first (which you admitted to with medal of honor),

Lets use some logic here.

1. You play a dual analog shooter on the gamecube, a lot of it too
2. Then you play a wii shooter, and its easy

Like i said in my previous post, you got used to the dual analog format before you played the wii, and when you picked up the wii shooter, it was easy. why? because the control scheme is better for shooters.
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6 years ago#44
When the Wii's control was unveiled, everyone was all over the possibilitys of a Shooter.... but because Nintendo is so much like a nagging housewife, all developers have to build games by Nintendos rules.

So we get little First Person Shooters, and the ones we get are either poorly made, or downgraded ports. The Conduit had issues, but was still a satisfying shooter to me.

Conduit 2 looks to be the only huge exception and i honestly cant wait. Depending on how GoldenEye turns out, it might be the game that made not having a good Shooter on the Wii for so long... oh so worth it.
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6 years ago#45

Yes, it's pretty hard to not play with dual analog before the Wii since there were many games developed before its time. The first shooter I ever played was Goldeneye, then Perfect Dark, which were both on the N64. I never trained much or thought one way was easier than the other. I just got every next generation of Nintendo's console and played it. I started at N64, then Gamecube, then Wii. Stop assuming I meant something else.

I don't know which is better yet. I like how the Wii's pointer feels more realistic since you aim and shoot, but at the same time I get the idea it's only as simple as it seems because the people on the console suck. Also, the framerate is half as fast as other consoles nowadays so I get the feeling that contributes to its simplicity. Conduit's controls were even simpler since there was auto-lock. I'm not sure what to think. This is why I keep repeating myself when I say, wait and see which is better when goldeneye comes out.
6 years ago#46
And im just telling you, from my experiences with shooters, i found that i aimed faster with the wii than i ever had with the dual analog. sorry if i offended you or something, but i believe the wii controls better with shooters than those that use dual analog, so people shouldnt have to worry too much if the CCPro isnt included
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6 years ago#47

Why is it so hard to say "This is what we're doing. Deal with it." ?

6 years ago#48
eh. sometimes i feel the need to argue
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6 years ago#49
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