The game is still in pre-alpha

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@ kratos

Goes alpha at the End of this month = Stays pre-alpha Until september

And this is from the conduit portal, tony is a member there too as well other hvs members.

And basically pre alpha means that there are many things yet to do in history mode. At the end of this month the game will be playable from start to finish at a basic level.
Guess a few months to add all the stuff to become beta, and a few more months for bug testing.
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Alpha = First playable version of the game. Mostly unfinished and riddled with bugs.
Beta = Game is mostly finished, testing is done to find smaller glitches. A few smaller features may still not be in the game.
Gold = Finished game sent off to the publisher.
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So we really should be seeing content by the end of the month if it's entering alpha. Isn't that when companies give their fanbase a taste of what to expect so that they can spread the word. And "gold" would be when there is official advertising like on TV.
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^ Not exactly, Gold is when the game enters in "mass production" and the publisher starts to make the discs and boxes, most of the time its a few weeks before release date.
I cant remember well, but I think the conduit turned gold the week before release.
Advertising could begin earlier than that. And I really hope so.
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soo its kinda soundin like it might make it here probobly somewhere in november or early december

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See, it sounded to me like January or February. If it only hits alpha in september, I'd give a month or two for polish, and then Beta would require another month or two for bug testing and what not, especially after the focus given to the bugs in most reviews of the first game. That puts us at about January, and that's with everything going according to plan. Then its sent to the publisher, and mass produced, and that would probably take another two weeks or so, so my spitball estimate would be end of January, beginning of February. I wish it wasn't, but idk.
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^ However that would be a more safe release date since by that time CoD and GE will have been on sale for more than two months.