There needs to be a girl character skin. <.<

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5 years ago#21
90% of the people who want this are 14 year old perverts.
5 years ago#22
From: SupahShnipa | Posted: 8/15/2010 6:43:35 AM | #021
90% of the people who want this are 14 year old perverts.

well a lot have high pitched voices and sound like they are 10
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5 years ago#23
Personally... Halo Reach has got it down. The females are there, but theyr no different. except for some very minor difference in the body armor. (most noticeable is the thin, robotic like arms.)

Conduit 2 just needs a normal secret agent women in the Trust suit. (not James Bond type secret agent woman.... i mean the normal ones -_- )
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5 years ago#24
Kirby_Pwns_All posted...
I support this... I might make a super girly profile just for laughs XD. But seriously, there are girls who play this, although probably not too many, and while they've said that their target audience is males (I can't remember what ages), I don't think a girl skin would do any harm. Plus Ford needs a romantic interest of some kind to spice up the story, so there is that.

lol have u ever noticed that its M.R Ford, he already has a wife
5 years ago#25
mister can mean you arent married yet too >_<

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5 years ago#26

There does not need to be a female skin. One wouldn't seem to fit the game. If the game was M and could feature sexual content, thethat might open the door to having a sensible female figure. Or, if the game was lame-assed and was E and all the cool violent animations were removed, changing the game to something different could make the game about sci-fi violence to some kiddy, cartoon game where everyone gets a trophy.

Otherwise, unless a female can naturally fit into the story, don't make one up. That's incredibly lame.

5 years ago#27
@siksongloly7 lol. Dude, I'm a Mr., and I'm not married. Every guy is a Mr. but married women are Mrs,
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5 years ago#28

haha that last post i put up i wanted to see if at least one person would speak up and they did lol

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  3. There needs to be a girl character skin. <.<

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