Which to BUY first, Con2 or Black Ops

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User Info: Bigmac909

6 years ago#1
I plan on getting both, and plan on getting one around release, and the other for Christmas. I want BO for Xbox, also.

-I don't want CoD first because i'm afraid I'll get addicted and not be able to play this game during its prime, and I also feel like I'd have trouble getting used to Wii controls after using an Xbox. Con2 also is supposed to come out first.

-I don't want Con2 first because I'm overall more excited for it, and I feel I would be losing respect, so to speak, for the game if I'm buying it to hold me over until Christmas rather than appreciating the wait for it

I realize how absolutely ridiculous some of my reasoning may be, but I'd appreciate some help from anybody who kind of thinks like this.

User Info: Chesluk

6 years ago#2
Seeing as C2 has a release date of "winterish" and CoD comes out in November, I'll get CoD first.
I support Daos (doritos and orange soda) for C2's currency.
I wanna run people over with a pickup truck in C2!

User Info: SaintXS

6 years ago#3
Get CoD first and wait for neutral feedback for the game.

User Info: ddd87

6 years ago#4
Wii controls are not that hard to get used to... If you play games with a pointer often.

CoD comes out in November 9, Conduit 2 might come next year, and I really hope so.

Personally, if I have enough money (and both wii games get positive reviews and impressions) I will get CoD first and then C2 asap.

User Info: ghost_of_a_man

6 years ago#5
MAYBE if it has splitscreen(cod, I know Conduit 2 already has it). On the wii version, btw.
Daos (Doritos and Orange Soda) for Con2 currency name. I support this.
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User Info: tconslayer

6 years ago#6

ok im gonna probobly wait till we get a better idea on release date to decide but if conduit 2 is comin out after christmas im gonna get black ops cause i already have tcon 2 preordered

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