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6 years ago#11
^ agreed
6 years ago#12
I read somewhere there's going to be mannable fixtures, usually in a fortified location.
The wizard did it.
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6 years ago#13
The Oil Rig stage where you fight the leviathan has to make it into the multiplayer.
There are two kind of turrets also, some would be normal turrets, others would be harpoons.
6 years ago#14
^yeah I KNOWS!
6 years ago#15
Well, I think we have come to a conclusion.

We want Stationary Turrets that can rotate 360 degrees, can be destroyed and repaired by an ASE.
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6 years ago#16
In order to be 360 degree rotatable it would have to be on just a stand or something, as in not in a fortified location. Think about it, how is a person going to rotate around that low wall the gun is mounted on?
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6 years ago#17
i like the think with the ASE, but where would we get it? Maybe there will be a mode when theres an ASE and someone needs to take at and Hack the enemys bases computer....but then again what does that have to do with turrents?...i guess you repair the Turret by standing by the turret for a long time.
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