There should be a play-dead command or perk.

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6 years ago#1
One that would make it look like you were dead by laying on the ground. Hilarious and useful. I'm sure everyone would catch on but there's always some noobs who wouldn't. A funny scene would be if someone from a team walked into a room and saw the entire enemy team dead on the ground. He leaves, everyone gets up and shoots him.
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6 years ago#2
In MW2, use Cold Blooded Pro, go prone, go amongst a dead body, and mash the Y button. It'll look like you're clapping but to others you actually look dead. MW2's aim assist will still screw you over but this trick can work and it's very lulzy.
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6 years ago#3
This game so needs it. >__> It would help machinimas too.
The wizard did it.
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6 years ago#4

yea but there would have to be like a button to use it and it would have to come at some cost like health or something and you can shoot them or stick them with a grenade

6 years ago#5
This isn't serious, right?

This would literally ruin the online multiplayer.
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6 years ago#6
It would be like the spy on Team Fortress Classic... I think that would be pretty funny, but some newbs would constantly use it. If it got too bad, it could be worse than martyrdom
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6 years ago#7

it would be funny but yea noobs would use it for sure so like mabey a three second time limit or any other punishment like a warning or something

6 years ago#8
they should just make a different game mode for it or like be able to toggle it on/off or something. it would be pretty funny though
6 years ago#9
Feigning death sounds brilliant. It doesn't need to be all-powerful either. Here's some ideas of how it could work:

Perk that puts you into a feign death last stand, complete with the skull icon on the other player's screen. You'll still die in a few seconds. You can do a manual feign death at any health without dying; you lose all mobility and ability to do anything until you unfeign. Doing it manually, a skull icon will appear for anybody locked-on to you or targeting you... so it's all about timing it right to make it synchronize with their attacks. Enemies can still lock-on to you even if you're feigned, which is one easy giveaway.


PS. Daos.
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