You know what would be an awesome shooter

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I've always loved how links crossbow training was made with very little effort, the graphics aren't good but yet they are. Who cares if there isn't a lot of detail when you have a smooth running game. If they would've put more effort into the game and had like lots of weapons and online, it would've been a hell of a fun experience. A great fast paced third person shooter is something that would be unique not only to the wii console but gaming in general. With such a simple graphics engine I'm sure they could hold lots of people online with minimal lag.

In conduit 1 you ran too slow and the graphics were focused on all the wrongs things, the wii can't handle all of the fancy details and it really showed 6v6, I think a Wii FPS should focus on the fun factor, and instead of detail smooth running graphics. DISCUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
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I've always thought that. I really wanted Nintendo to make Link's Crossbow Training a full game. Imagine going around as Ganondorf or a Hyrulian Soldier. They could make some non canonical story to go along with it. There is a lot of potential there, especially when you play the the Ranger missions
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Aonuma wanted to do a sequel of CT, but Miyamoto convinced him to work in Skyward Sword.
Perhaps there is a chance to see something like that
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