so i guess the game is out of alpha now?

#1donkeypunch1116Posted 8/23/2010 12:49:31 PM

what do you think?

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#2RichieGamerPosted 8/23/2010 1:00:53 PM
Good, they must show something new at PAX.
#3ddd87Posted 8/23/2010 1:26:55 PM
Why they have to be so cryptic lol.

Yeah, definitely reached alpha
#4The_ShaderPosted 8/23/2010 1:39:46 PM
'Just completed a huge milestone' huh... i wonder what it was... Well, hopefully its in time for PAX.
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#5Simok123Posted 8/23/2010 4:31:34 PM
GOOD TO HEAR :D! I hope they have a pre orderable edtion before october or during it. My birthdays in October and i want to pre order a special edtion.