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6 years ago#1
Does this ring any bells? Where is it and what is it? ;D
6 years ago#2
Nope...what is it??
6 years ago#3
a building in the streets level of the campaign?
convenience store clerk- "hey buddy, you gonna pay for all that stuff?!"
me- "looking into it." *walks out the door*
6 years ago#4
Its technically the blue base on Streets but I always wanted a description on what type of business it was.
6 years ago#5
Huh...never knew :P
6 years ago#6
I hope its still there in Conduit 2. Its a big inside joke thing between my friend circle. Technically you can make it any type of business ya want. I always saw it as a real estate :o
6 years ago#7
Chuck Norris's tears can cure cancer.....too bad he's never cried.
6 years ago#8
if they have streets in C2 (which im 65% sure they will), they should add more detile to each base. They were both the SAME other than colors and a few minor lings. I have no clue wat the blue base used to be ._.
6 years ago#9
Actually my biggest problem with Streets was that the two sides weren't the same. Of course they should be a little different, but in Streets the buildings next to the bases were so different that one team was at a slight disadvantage. I don't remember which color it was, but one side lacked that platform to get up to the second floor quickly and the front door was open.
I apologize for whatever I just said.
6 years ago#10
I think I will email HVS and ask what kind of business "Nikirk" is
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