What weapons are you going to use?

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6 years ago#11
AR-C Eclipse
6 years ago#12
The overpowered guns.

I love me an M-16 in COD4.
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6 years ago#13
Hive Cannon.

Then... ummmm .... uhhh.... i suppose the AR-C Ecplipse...
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6 years ago#14
6 years ago#15

Ok Phase Rifle, ACR, Scar, Spas, turret, vortex cannon, new drudge weapons, hvs 45, and the strike rifle. My most anticipated weapon is the phase rifle

6 years ago#16

From: Icuras08 | #005
Are we going to have to do something to unlock them at the shop?

you'll have to find the unlockable weapon's blueprints hidden in the single player levels. They're in the normal levels as well as secret levels you have to find through codes on stuff found with the ASE. I'd be surprised if you couldn't unlock them through multiplayer as well, but they haven't mentioned anything about that yet.
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