Oil derrick as multiplayer stage?

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6 years ago#1

I think it would be pretty fun to have a multiplayer stage on the oil derrick. The single player on it looks cool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgyCWglLvsc&feature=relatedso anyone else think it would make a fun MP stage.

6 years ago#2
Only if people can fall of the edges. Then I fully approve. Let the idiots drown.
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6 years ago#3
I look forward to it.
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6 years ago#4
I hope they keep the awesome rain.
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6 years ago#5
Yes, I think it would be a great map, and one that should be fairly easy to make. It would be great if they kept the Leviathan in it as a map hazard (or some kind of bonus or penalty) too. Imagine what you would see as your character is eaten by the creature.
6 years ago#6

Icuras08 posted...
I hope they keep the awesome rain.

That too, or preferably, random weather effects.

6 years ago#7
Just want to clarify -- by simple, I mean most of it has already been created for the single player campaign. There shouldn't be too much work needed to move what already exists in to a multiplayer environment.
6 years ago#8
i hope so...and a snowy map ;)
6 years ago#9
and a snowy map ;)
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6 years ago#10
I approve of this idea.
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