Black Ops copied Conduit 2s lead

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6 years ago#1

We've all known for a while now that Conduit 2 will have a currency system for weapon and suit upgrades. Last night, it was revealed that Black Ops will have a currency system for weapon and perk upgrades as well. They clearly stole this idea from Conduit 2. Even Black Ops currency name -- CP -- is a clear rip off of Conduit Points (again, CP).

Black Ops also ripped off some interesting ideas from the Call of Duty modding community -- wager modes. These modes will allow you to gamble Conduit Points on certain match types (you win cash if you end up in the top three).

I hope to see similar modes for Conduit 2. Perhaps there could be a mode where every bullet that hits your opponent transfers cash from them to you. This would bennefit lower powered weapons. Extra cash transfers could come from head shots or melee kills.

Another idea would be injur, but don't kill. Again, bullet hits transfer cash, but you lose all the cash you gained if you kill your opponent.

There could also be modes where if you die, you lose your wallet and anyone is free to pick it up (including all the cash that was in it).

There could also be contract kill, which would be very similar to bounty hunter, but you'd get paid when you kill your target (on the flip side, you'd lose cash by killing someone that wasn't your target unless that person was targeting you).

So, with that said, lets hear your ideas for currency/gambling based modes.

6 years ago#2
6 years ago#3
Nice try. I give you props for trying to make a game that pale to Black Ops in comparison look good. Takes guts
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6 years ago#4
I can't believe you guys don't see the influence of Conduit 2 on Black Ops. The currency, the currency name, and even the controls (if it weren't for The Conduit, MW: Reflex would have had the same lame controls as WaW).

In any case, here's another mode: 21. The person or people closest to 21 kills at the end of the game would win the pot. If you go over 21, you get an extra penalty or are disqualified. Tie breakers could come in the form of lowest number of deaths, best accuracy, etc.

And unrelated to gambling, there could be a mode where you don't re-spawn until the person who killed you dies (i.e. you're held in jail until your killer is killed). If only only one person is left, he/she wins.
6 years ago#5
You're really serious about this? Lmao. This is priceless lol. You honestly think that Treyarch copied a small indie company?
6 years ago#6
LMFAO what wouldTreyarch, a successful company, in their RIGHT mind be doing copying a company like HVS. Are you really that much of an ignorant fanboy, you think THIS is the first game with currency? You make me laugh. I honestly laughed and laughed and laughed when I read this topic.
6 years ago#7
You're really serious about this? Lmao. This is priceless lol. You honestly think that Treyarch copied a small indie company?

They copied independent modders, didn't they? It's too much of a coincidence that one year ago, the Wii had no FPSs with a currency system and now there are two (three if you count Red Steel 2, but it's not really an FPS). We've known for years that HVS wanted a currency system in their games (since the introduction of The Grinder), and now everyone is doing it.

LoL. Yeah, I am joking, and pointing out the oddity of the similarities, though I do know Treyarchs devs evaluated the controls from The Conduit. Some of the new Black Ops modes look great and I think it would be cool to have something along the same lines in Conduit 2 (which would be ok, since Treyarch stole some ideas from Conduit 2, right?).

In any case, if I could only pick 2 of the 3 FPSs this fall, it would be Black Ops and Conduit 2.
6 years ago#8
psychobrew, you really are delusional. Treyarch most definitely did not copy Conduit since hardly anybody knows about Conduit in the first place. Just stop, you're embarrassing yourself more and more.
6 years ago#9
Are you stupid? Conduit 2 didn't invent a currency system.

If anything, they copied CS with Gun Game and the Currency System.
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6 years ago#10
Conduit for some reason is reminding me more and more of Gunz Online :p Just cuz that game was so glitchy and then they called the glitches "advanced techniques" and the game is a bit laggy, and you buy your weapons and stuff.
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