Things they could add with the time they have left.

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6 years ago#1

Instead of having a separate co-op campaign, (which would totally be amazing) they could just have the option for playing the same campaign co-operatively. They could make it so that the difficulty is adjusted for the number of people playing and things like that. If my understanding is correct, this feature should not take that long to implement since it is the same campaign but just adding the ability to play it with friends. Maybe they should make it so that you have to beat the game in single-player to unlock this mode. They could add a points system in which you get points for killing enemies and so you are also competing with your friend to get more kills by the time you finish the level. This could get really addicting and interesting and also add to the replay value quite a bit.

Running speed should seriously be faster. The ones in the video is kinda slow. Sprint speed is also a bit slower. I dont know if any of you noticed it but its just a little thing I think they should tweak. It will make multiplayer matches that much faster and intense.

Vehicles should be added. HVS mentioned that the reason they didnt have vehicles in the first one was because they werent experienced with them and they didnt want to put something they were unsure of. They have the time to add vehicles, tweak and balance them with this game. I dont want them to copy Halo, but add their own Conduit twist to it. I want to see this being added in the multiplayer side more than single player.

These are just my thoughts. Please correct me if Im wrong or add your own suggestion. Ofcourse it doesnt mean that I wont buy the game if either of these things are not implemented, but it is just something I wish they could add with the extra time they have from the delay.

6 years ago#2
I agree with cooperative campaign

...but there are upgrades in the game for faster running
6 years ago#3
Vehicles will only work well if the game was designed for them, and I don't think the game was designed with them in mind. Imho, having vehicles just for the sake of having them would detract from the game.

I want to see polish, as little lag as possible, glitch and hacker free gameplay. I'd also love it if they can add more maps, even if it means stealing directly from the single player campaign.
6 years ago#4
They DEFINITELY need to make sure there are no glitches, hacks, and major lag. Also, the weapons and suit upgrades need to be balanced. After that, I'd like to see as many maps as possible.
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6 years ago#5
I want more maps.
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6 years ago#6
There are 12 maps with two of them returning from the original game. This means we get 10 new maps. This is a very decent number compared to GoldenEye. GE only has 10 maps in total with some being remakes of classic ones. I do hope they change the original maps a bit to keep it fresh.

The number still isnt comparable to a game like Call of Duty where they have a tradition of have 16 maps where all of them are original. I hope they can add atleast 2 more new ones.

Another thing I noticed is that there are 14 modes. This really confused me. The original had 13 modes with most of them just being minor tweaks from others. So how many modes, if any, are removed from the original. If there arent any removed then it means there is only 1 new one added which I doubt is the case. They should remove modes like Last Man Standing and 3 strikes.
6 years ago#7
Twelve maps (with two being returners)? The "Known Info" thread from June has been claiming confirmation of at least 15 and possibly more maps, seven of which are returners.

Call of Duty games vary on their map counts. DLC map packs further increase map counts, but also cost players more money. And MW2 was a bit cheap in how much of its DLC was actually recycled from previous games.

As for fourteen modes, mode counts are pretty much worthless. Because of how companies themselves defines a "mode", just giving a raw number is meaningless without a description. After all, one game might call "Rockets Only" a mode, while for another it is just an alternate weapon set. Something like elimination (no or limited respawns) might be treated as a separate mode, or it might just be a changeable rule present in other modes.
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6 years ago#8
The new fact sheet says 12 maps, the info from e3 wasn't final.
6 years ago#9
The fact sheet also said only 3 Invasion maps. I doubt it could happen, but I'd like them to use the time to add more. That is, after the game is fully polished of course.
I apologize for whatever I just said.
6 years ago#10
I could have sworn I heard HVSTony say 7 new maps. Was I dreaming?
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