The Reason Why I Think People Hate CC Support

#141_Azeal_Posted 9/15/2010 4:09:25 PM
"I admit that on the internet we tend to argue over the most trivial things and forget about the important subjects. This is a great example right now that I'm arguing your "everyone has opinions" solution to end the thread, which has nothing to do with the main subject I argued pages ago. But I have no problem with arguing about trivial things so long as I think I'm not wrong."

My intension was not to end the thread, just to end the hostility. I Just gets on my nerves when people seem to get angry about silly things.

And good. I'm glad you have your own way, and stick to it. Just try to be a little understanding. To the OP(and also myself), you came across as quite whiny about the whole issue of CC support, which is why he came to the conclusion that he did. Now you may have not truly been the way you appeared- written word has a nasty habit of doing that- so all it really takes is understanding on the part of two people too... ahh whatever, I'm bored of writing. I hope you get my point either way.

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