I still can't believe The Grinder had to take the back seat to game.

#21BruceMiiPosted 9/19/2010 10:09:44 PM
Very True, and both of the call of duties exceeded projected sales surpassing one million. I think developers use this as an excuse for poor sales, even when it isn't valid.

Mature won't sell on Wii is like saying "The butler did it!" It's only true occasionally.
#22dacheatcodePosted 9/23/2010 5:44:48 PM
This game looks way better than the Grinder.

There's only like four enemies, but you have to kill a hundred of them at a time. And they're all identical. Looked lame.

The wii version, last we heard of it, was in pre-alpha.

Look at the videos again. It's 100 times more atmospheric, eye candied, and simply addicting to watch. And that's just in pre-alpha.


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#23McmadnessV3Posted 9/23/2010 7:00:04 PM
Well one sega guy said that they won't explore M rated games.
Other ones said they would.
So I guess its still up for debate.
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#24BruceMiiPosted 9/24/2010 8:16:41 AM
I imagine if this game does well, then The Grinder has a pretty good shot at being released.
#25DarkZV2BetaPosted 9/25/2010 10:05:17 PM
Didn't the Grinder go gold?
It's not pre-alpha anymore. Just doesn't have a publisher.
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#26ddd87Posted 9/26/2010 6:28:58 AM
They haven't done anything to it since E3 2009.
#27slit_your_gutzPosted 9/27/2010 8:06:59 AM
If Conduit 2 does well I'm sure Sega would be willing to publish Grinder
#281918mePosted 9/27/2010 2:51:53 PM
^ Let's hope so.
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