Wow, this will make the online names more interesting...

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#42Sudsy86_Posted 9/21/2010 7:23:20 PM

killed by: OJ Simpson

#43coolman229Posted 9/24/2010 10:48:15 AM
Killed by Mr. Ford

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#44Counduit_KingPosted 9/24/2010 11:44:25 AM
I hope they allow for more than 8 characters. I ran into a noob ranked player named Obesity.
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To Counduit_King: A username can now have up to twelve characters.
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#47The_ShaderPosted 9/25/2010 12:41:17 AM
^ twelve characters?! oh ****! i totally cut up my first post becuase i thought 8 was the limit still....

Killed by yb delliK


Killed by A Super Fly

Killed by Gingervitas

Killed by YourExGF

Killed by HulkDrvnSemi

Killed by Reflectega

Killed by ASephGroupie
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Killed by dese nuts.
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Killed by: Betty White

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Killed by your god
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