Wow, this will make the online names more interesting...

#5101slayer(Topic Creator)Posted 10/5/2010 5:51:19 PM
Killed by thread bump
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#52Xenozoa425Posted 10/5/2010 5:58:10 PM
"Killed by surprisebuttsecks." <-- This will be my name if it fits.

If not... then I'll just have to settle for regular buttsecks. =/
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#53wolf950Posted 10/5/2010 10:51:25 PM
Killed by Chuck Norris

come on someone had to say it
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Killed by an aglet
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#55elheberPosted 10/9/2010 6:55:48 PM
Anal Tearing

Steak Throat




Big Tobacco


Toe Fungus
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Daos (Doritos and Orange Soda) for Con2 currency name. I support this.
#56Tony90908Posted 10/10/2010 9:04:06 AM
TKO Tony