What "IM" looking for in the Factions

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6 years ago#21
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#22
I get your confusion, but Im talking about the preview YOU are mentioning, it is a mistake from the journalist.
Afterwards there are several videos and topics here that copied that error, and Im blaming THAT guy for that.
Look the preview in the e3 thread and you will see.
6 years ago#23
Yeah, the 180 spin button was complete useless. For some reason, you wouldn't end up exactly 180 behind yourself, it would be more or less. My turning speed is faster than that crap anyways.
6 years ago#24
6 years ago#25

thats a good idea i think hvs should include this in their next game somehow
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6 years ago#26
Just put a cleverly hidden cheats menu(Like in HW VX) with unlimited ammo as a cheat and many more(laser fest, super jump, teleportation, Marco, etc ).
Oh how you haunt me.
6 years ago#27
Well HVS did say that the SCAR was fully-Automatic and when I saw gameplay it was both semi- and fully automatic so Im pretty sure you can switch it or seomething
6 years ago#28


I know about those but i dont think they are the fourth faction i think there should be one more sniper rifle and shotgun

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