the unconfirmed weapons

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6 years ago#41
Similar timed Lunch?

Dude/dudet, you lost me.

Also,I was going to type something related to his Moderated post but I soon found out one key element would be missing. I have it in my C/P mouse so I'll see if I can remember more. Though the time would be better off spent in continuing the search for the missing post.

I'll get back on it with the 20 minutes I have.

Oh how you haunt me.
6 years ago#42
That's been posted in 8/2/2010

So the information would be in 7/5-26/2010
Now if there was a thread date search function.
Oh how you haunt me.
6 years ago#43
Interesting, the board has changed in tone over the month of August.

I speculate due to that month, something happened that caused the majority of users both in the negative and positive end to stop posting frequently.

Anyways, my time's almost up so I'll see if I can leave a url that I believe is close to the date to where HVSTony wrote the post.
Oh how you haunt me.
6 years ago#44
Okay, the thread should lie around the pages after 16 in the bottom number thingy.
Post at your own will now.
Oh how you haunt me.
6 years ago#45
how do you know its fake Icuras?
6 years ago#46
So, you made up that quote about hunger up back then, Icuras? Why would you do that?
I apologize for whatever I just said.
6 years ago#47
"''Yeah, the hint is real. He posted it in this topic.

In the same post, he started talking about marinating himself in butter. The mods weren't too kind to this.''

I thought the butter part would give it away as a joke.
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6 years ago#48
Thats not it... and my quote from HVS exists. i cant find where it is, but i found someone who already quoted it.

How... can you guys even forget he said this??? HOW???
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6 years ago#49
I do remember HVS Tony typing about that.

Also, in the butter post, didn't he also write about an evil twin?
Oh how you haunt me.
6 years ago#50

Haha i remember that post tony said everyone at hvs got a kick out of it i have like 800 veiws on it lol

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