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6 years ago#1
if you dont know what I mena by that is, shooting over cover. I hope when you hiding behing something, when you zoom with a scope or iron sights, you go slightly over the edge enough to shoot. In the first game, it was all kinda akward with that stuff.
6 years ago#2
I think that would make the weapons with Iron Sights to OverPowered
6 years ago#3
no its not just iron sights, its everything that zooms. heck, maybe not even having to use a gun with zoom should be about to go over the edge
6 years ago#4

Naw i wouldnt like this i think it does overpower things and it also takes less skill

6 years ago#5
^^ Agree
6 years ago#6

Honestly i like the challenge trying to get a strike rifle shot inbetween crouching (not fully crouched and not fully standing) trying to kill someone it makes the kill more rewarding

6 years ago#7
I approve of this idea. Get on that, Tony, more quicklier please.
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6 years ago#8
How about pole vaulting instead?

That would be fun.
6 years ago#9
You know what would fix this? Being a good player and NOT staying in one spot while an enemy hides behind cover.
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6 years ago#10

Yea but there are noobs in this world lol

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